Genoa Mafia Series

It’s about loyalty. It’s about blood. And it’s about power.

When it comes to the mafia, there is no line that won’t get crossed. These men are ruthless, callous, bred to ruin and rule a world where violence is the only answer.

But it’s the women who warm their beds who have the power to thaw their hearts.

Have a taste for the wicked, and a craving for the taboo?

Dive into these Mafia romance novels full mind-blowing suspense and explosive action. The Genoa Mafia series is about to give you more than you bargained for…

Madison’s Mobster

Book 1

Crossing Roman

Book 2

Book 3

Destroying Dominic

Book 4

Taken to the Cleaner

Book 3.5

Playing Jasper

Book 5

Chasing Arlo

Book 6

The Genoa Mafia Series Box Set (Books 1-4)

Box Set (Books 1-4)