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Taken to the Cleaner


Taken to the Cleaner

Genoa Mafia Series, Book 3.5

Taken to the Cleaner is the PREQUEL to DESTROYING DOMINIC, Book 4 in the Genoa Mafia Series

Stephanie Barclay had been on the run for far too long and had good reason for remaining out of the limelight. The fact that her best friend, Madison, married Roman, a high ranking member of the mob, complicated things even more…

If those searching for her discovered her in Genoa, they’d all be dead. But the fact was, Stephanie had nowhere else to go. There was one member of the Caponelli Crime Family that both repulsed and fascinated her whenever he was nearby—Dominic Scarlatti, the cleaner.

The man was responsible for making their messes disappear. He was heaven to look at, but that didn’t stop her from hating him to the core. As much as Stephanie wanted to stay as far away as possible from Dominic, one moment, one decision tied them together for life.

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