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The Gangster’s Hand


The Gangster’s Hand

Love is a Dangerous Thing, Book 3

Vivian Flynn was born to be a star. Already the pride and joy of her family, she’s even turned her gangster grandfather into a fan. She has dreams of making it big in Hollywood, and there is no time to waste. When she loses her possessions on her way to California, Vivian finds herself stranded in the rough, glittering gulch of Las Vegas. Taking a job as a showgirl, isn’t her dream job – yet her Italian boss is just plain dreamy. One kiss from him, and she’s seeing stars of another kind. But the casino owner seems too good to be true. Can he be trusted? Or is he a crook, just like all the rest?

Enzo Star is a World War II hero who has come home determined not to continue in a life of crime. He headed to Vegas to leave behind his criminal past and everything that goes with it – including his real name. When an innocent girl off the bus from Iowa walks into his office, the urge to protect her from local mob members is too much to resist. Enzo soon discovers she’s more than meets the eye when Viva, as he nicknames her, proves she isn’t just talented, she’s vital for the survival of his casino. Just when things seem to be going well for his business and his love life, his involvement with the only living relative of the notorious Eddy “The Knife” Killian might just be his demise.

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