We Stand with Ukraine Anthology

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Protect the innocent.

Provide for families.

We stand with Ukraine.

Across the globe authors have come together to provide stories filled with hope, heart and understanding, inspired by the events of February 2022.

STAND FOR UKRAINE is a collection of romance, women’s fiction and poetry. Proceeds go to Save the Children’s efforts to provide Ukrainian children with food, warmth, shelter and psychological support.


Genre: Women’s Fiction, Romance, Flash Fiction, Poetry

Charity: Save the Children Ukraine

Release Date: 25 Mar 2022

Model: Kevin R Davis

Photographer: Golden Czermak

Cover Design: The Cover Fling

Cover kindly donated by Kevin R Davis, RJ Gray and The Cover Fling.

Chasing Arlo is available on Amazon. 

A mafia princess doesn’t belong with a lowly soldier.

At least, that is what Arlo thinks.

He’s used to women only wanting steamy one-night stands and nothing more. Not until, to his surprise, he’s pursued by none other than the mafia princess herself.

Layla makes it her mission in life to tease and flirt with Arlo endlessly. It’s been a cat and mouse game ever since they met.

But if she only knew the truth. If she knew all the things he has done for her family, it would both amaze and horrify her.

With Arlo, however, it’s all or nothing, so when a bombing from the Russian mob occurs and a possible threat from inside the family looms, he steps up to keep Layla safe.

With everything unraveling around her, Layla quickly realizes chasing Arlo and more importantly, keeping him might be the only thing that saves her life…

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Playing Jasper is Available on Amazon. 

I love to play the game.

Love them and leave them.

Then I met my match, Jackie Smith, and everything changed.

She’s a reporter, and I’m a made man. It’s a disaster waiting to happen. It doesn’t matter that she could shatter my life and all I’ve worked for…I want her.

Underneath her sweet, caring exterior, she’s hiding pain from her past, and yearning for revenge. I can leverage this to my advantage. I can demand her loyalty, her unconditional love.

It’s the same game, with a bit of a twist.

The only problem is…she might be playing me.

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Playing Jasper is a finalist for a RONE Award in the Suspense category.


Destroying Dominic is available on Amazon.


I don’t dance.

I don’t date.

I don’t fall in love.

What’s the point, when you’re a mob cleaner? No woman wants a man like that.

But there’s one woman that I can’t get off my mind: Stephanie Barclay. Even with the hell she’s been through, she’s still a sweet dreamer with a smile that lights up the world.

The problem?

She’s my boss’s next hit, and my next cleaning job.


All I ever wanted was my happily-ever-after.

As a wedding planner and in the stories I write, it’s my job to make other people’s dreams come true. But I’ll never have that happy ending in my own life. I can’t risk it, because anyone who finds out about my past is as good as dead.

One man might be an exception, though: Dominic Scarlatti, the man that just a couple months ago killed and buried a monster for me.

Tall, strong, and dangerous, but with a tenderness inside that no one else can see. I’m determined to make him my hero even if it kills me.

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Destroying Dominic won the Bronze Medal in the Romantic Suspense category at the Reader’s Favorite International Book Awards.


Craving Loyalty Is available now on Amazon.


Noun.  ‘A strong feeling of support or allegiance.’

For some, loyalty can be bought. For others, it’s earned. But the thing about loyalty—it can change in an instant. All it takes is one act, one decision, and loyalty shifts to betrayal in the blink of an eye…a sin which cannot go unpunished.

Not in this world.

But sometimes things happen beyond our control, forcing our allegiances to change. Like the mob enforcer who wants nothing more than to seduce the assassin hired to kill him. Or the FBI agent who falls for the woman whose past holds ties with the mafia.

Yet, no matter the reason or motive, the consequences of betrayal are always deadly.

Because in this world everyone is…

Craving Loyalty

Taken by the Cleaner by Ginger Ring


Wild Deadwood Tales Anthology Is available on Amazon. 

Romance and rodeos, Old West adventure, even a few ghostly tales.

Deadwood’s wild past and exciting present come alive in Wild Deadwood Tales, a limited edition collection of 17 original short stories written by USA Today and Amazon bestselling authors: E.E. Burke, A.C. Wilson, Amanda McIntyre, Angi Morgan, Ginger Ring, Jacqui Nelson, Lizbeth Selvig, Maggie Ryan, Megan Kelly, Nancy Naigle, Paty Jager, Peggy McKenzie, Sylvia McDaniel, Teresa Keefer, Terri Osburn, Tina Susedik, Zoe Blake.

Proceeds from Wild Deadwood Tales go to benefit the Western Sports Foundation, an organization providing critical assistance to athletes competing in Western lifestyle sports. Whether they need help recuperating from an injury or planning for the future, WSF is there for them.

Keep our rodeo heroes riding strong. Purchase your copy of Wild Deadwood Tales today.


Guilty or innocent, there’s no escaping. Escaping Ryan is available now on Amazon. 

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Valentina Caponelli is more than a spoiled mafia princess…

She flees her father’s Chicago mansion to start a law office in a small-town in Wisconsin, determined to gain her independence.

Free of her father.

Free of her heritage.

Free of dangerous enemies of the family.

Then she falls in love with the one man who may cause her more harm than all the rest.

Officer Ryan Donavan is married to the force…

But the long-legged brunette he cared for after a car crash is all he can think about.

The problem is, Valentina is the sister of mob boss Roman Caponelli. The one man who definitely does not want his only sibling dating a lawman.

Ryan and Roman have made a tenuous peace, but if Ryan gives in to this passion, that peace will be shattered.

A killer is already roaming the streets, and all hell is about to break loose in Lake Genoa, Wisconsin. Can love really conquer all—or only make matters more deadly?

Escaping Ryan won the Gold Medal in the Romantic Suspense category at the Reader’s Favorite International Book Awards. gold-shiny-hr print


Sometime doing what you want is worth the guilt. Crossing Roman is available now on Amazon.

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Madison Miller is a small town girl with big dreams, but years of running her mother’s bridal business has put a damper on that…

Madison is weary of planning other people’s dream weddings and ready to find a man of her own—when a sudden encounter with a handsome visitor leaves her world spinning. He’s all she can think about, but the son of a mafia boss is not the kind of man she’d had in mind. She wonders how being involved with him might impact her life—and the lives of those she cares about.

Roman Caponelli is looking to expand his family’s business on the legitimate side—not the mafia side—and perhaps find a little romance…

Roman is captivated with Madison, but this local beauty wants nothing to do with a criminal like him. Madison said no to him once, and come hell or high water she won’t deny him again—and if he has to use mob tactics to make that happen, so be it. Roman sets out, determined to win the only woman who has kept his interest for more than one night.

Madison is everything he wants in a woman, and he will stop at nothing…
Not until the entire town knows that Crossing Roman is not an option.

The Prequel Madison’s Mobster is available on Amazon.


A small town woman who longs for romance…

Madison Miller loves what she does. She takes pride in helping brides find the gowns they’ll walk down the aisle in. But she still longs to hear wedding bells of her own and discovers that her dream of finding a husband is souring her work. She’s about to give up her fantasy of marriage when she bumps into a handsome stranger…literally.

A big city man who lives by the gun…

Roman Caponelli is seeking a quiet life in a quiet town and sees Lake Genoa, Wisconsin as the perfect place. His ties to the mob make it difficult for him to be a normal man, but he wants to give it a shot when a woman named Madison walks into his life. She’s beautiful, driven, and challenges him unlike any other woman he knew back in Chicago, tempting him to leave his old self behind for good. But as any mobster knows, once you’re in the family, you’re in the family for life…or death.

A mystery that can bring them together, or tear them apart…

Their budding romance becomes complicated when they learn they both have ties to a missing woman. Madison knows her as a bride who called off her wedding when her fiancé beat her, but she’s also the daughter of one of Roman’s friends, making finding this woman top priority. Will they be able to find her before it’s too late, or will the sparks between them ignite an entire town, burning them both in the process?


How far would you go to find your one true love?  The Pink Rose of the Prairie is now available on Amazon. It is part of Sable Hunter’s Hell Yeah Kindle World.



Rose McAlister was always the perfect daughter and student, but it was never enough for her high society family. Tired of the big city spotlight, Rose accepts a teaching job at the most remote location hiring – in the middle of the prairie in South Dakota. This was her chance for adventure, her opportunity to shine as an educator, and her shot at forgetting the ex-boyfriend who left her heart torn to pieces and her bank account in shambles. In South Dakota, Rose vows she’ll find someone to love and trust.
Seth Peterson is a wanderer. Not surprising since he didn’t know where he was going or where he came from. When a beautiful, flower-tattooed woman enters his life claiming to be from the future, he doesn’t know which is crazier: her, or the fact that he is falling in love and wanting to put down roots. Before he can decide if it’s best to follow his aimless path or to obey his heart, women are being stabbed to death in town and it looks like Rose might be next on the killer’s list. Can this new love survive not only the slash of steel, but also the test of time?

She was born to be a star. The Gangster’s Hand is now available on Amazon. 


Vivian Flynn was born to be a star. Already the pride and joy of her family, she’s even turned her gangster grandfather into a fan. She has dreams of making it big in Hollywood, and there is no time to waste. When she loses her possessions on her way to California, Vivian finds herself stranded in the rough, glittering gulch of Las Vegas. Taking a job as a showgirl, isn’t her dream job – yet her Italian boss is just plain dreamy. One kiss from him, and she’s seeing stars of another kind. But the casino owner seems too good to be true. Can he be trusted? Or is he a crook, just like all the rest?

Enzo Star is a World War II hero who has come home determined not to continue in a life of crime. He headed to Vegas to leave behind his criminal past and everything that goes with it – including his real name. When an innocent girl off the bus from Iowa walks into his office, the urge to protect her from local mob members is too much to resist. Enzo soon discovers she’s more than meets the eye when Viva, as he nicknames her, proves she isn’t just talented, she’s vital for the survival of his casino. Just when things seem to be going well for his business and his love life, his involvement with the only living relative of the notorious Eddy “The Knife” Killian might just be his demise.

The Gangster’s Woman is now available on Amazon.





BTS Winner for best cover and rising star.

Now that prohibition was over, FBI agent Michael Flynn hoped to enjoy the quiet life and a chance to finally concentrate on finding his best friend’s sister. He’d been in love with her since he first laid eyes on her picture. Unfortunately, the more he searched the more he realized she wasn’t just missing. Eryn was hiding from one of the most notorious gangsters around. One who wouldn’t rest until he knew she was dead.
Eryn O’Malley had been moving around for years, doing whatever legal, or illegal job she could find to survive. No time for romance or a normal life. A one night stand with a handsome man at the county fair seemed like just the ticket to escape for a moment from her troubled life. However, finding out he was a G-man wasn’t part of the plan. Now he was on her trail. Whether to arrest or rescue her, she wasn’t sure, and she couldn’t wait around to find out. If he caught her, would he forgive her checkered past or would he always think of her as the gangster’s woman?


The Gangster’s Kiss is available now on Amazon.






John O’Malley’s sister is missing. All the clues of her disappearance lead to Hayward County, Wisconsin and the crooks and questionable sheriff that reside there. Pretending to be one of them, John takes a job as bodyguard for the sheriff’s beautiful sister, Grace. It seems like the perfect way to investigate their crimes and corruption, but when someone threatens to kill Grace, the job proves harder than he thought. Is she an innocent witness to a crime, or just as guilty as everyone else?

Grace Sullivan just wanted a normal life: find a good man, get married and have a family. She has had enough of looking the other way while her brother hides behind his sheriff’s badge to conduct shady dealings. Hiring a gangster named John to watch her is the final straw. When a face from the past threatens her life, she is forced to put her life in John’s hands, but as time goes on, all she really wants is to be in the gangster’s arms.

Men of Mayhem on Amazon.


Sometimes the line between good and bad simply depends which side you’re on…

Good guys can have unsavory secrets, while so-called criminals can live by a code of ethics rivaling that of any law enforcement agency. Bending the law for money, power, or revenge is one thing, but what if you’re bending it for your family—for love?

Who would choose to become involved with a man who walks on the dark side…

Some men will go to any lengths, legal or not, and make no apologies to protect their way of life and all they hold dear. But you don’t always choose who you love, and sometimes you just have to decide if you’re bold enough to risk it all and go along for the ride.

Thirteen masterful authors come together to present Men of Mayhem.

Compelling stories of loyalty and passion, love and lust, in which the moral and ethical lines are blurred, and call into question the notions of right and wrong.

What could be more exciting than taking a leap of faith…and landing in the arms of the last man you’d expect—but the only one who truly makes you feel alive?

What if your road to happiness leads to…

Men of Mayhem

Red Rose, Black Orchids is available on Amazon.


Cassie dreams of finding her knight in shining armour on a getaway vacation. Unfortunately, her dream just might turn into a nightmare.



Love is a powerful as the ocean, as constant as the tide, as soothing as a sea breeze, as warm as the sun. The Windswept has stood guard over the waters of Galveston for over a hundred years. Within her walls, love abides. Here is a collection of stories, all varied, showing the many faces of love brought to you by the talented authors of Beau Coup Publishing.






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  1. I met you & purchased Gangster’s Kiss in Sept at the MBLU @ Bloomington Marriott. I just finished the book & wanted to tell you how much I liked it !! Now I am ready for book 2…any idea when you will finish it? I waiting to read it to continue the story.
    Thank you for the great book!!

  2. Lori Hammons said:

    I just read Gangsters Kiss and Gangsters Woman. Love the stories! Can’t find any info on when Gangsters Hand will be available and would like to know please. Thank you.

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    I will keep a look out for its release. Thank you.

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