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#MyMobsterCollection by Lisa Cardiff, J.L. Drake, Lylah James, Ginger Ring, Kat Shehata, & J.G. Sumner


💥 Releasing Nov. 14th for just #99c!

💥 #CoverDesigner: Deranged Doctor Design




Noun – a member of an organized group of violent criminals; a gangster.


They are vicious, ruthless, born and bred to rule. The only laws that matter are their own. Loyalty and allegiance are everything, yet a life holds no value when they’re crossed. And those who betray them never live long enough to regret it


But these men aren’t just violent criminals without conscience. They are merciless leaders, lords of the underworld, and the more dangerous they are…the more we want them.


This is a collection of novels that will show you just how tempting their world can be. Whether it’s a cruel Russian mobster with a fierce lust to possess the woman he loves, or the man who embraces his true mafia heritage in order to get what he wants—these mobsters will bring you to your knees…


…whether you want them to or not.