The Texas Trouble Series by Becky McGraw

Contemporary western romance with hot cowboys, a dash of suspense, and a lot of southern humor. The perfect recipe for Trouble. Available on

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My Kind of Trouble (#1, Texas Trouble)


Cassie Bellamy swore she’d never go back to her hometown when she left Bowie, Texas ten years prior.  In that time she’d all but forgotten about the man who sent her running to Phoenix in the first place, bad boy Luke Matthews.  She had built a new life in Arizona, which included a successful real estate business, and a new fiancé.  The last thing she needed was to dredge up old memories by seeing him again.  But her daddy was hurt and needed her help at the ranch.  Her plan was to get her daddy on his feet as quickly as possible, and avoid Luke Matthews like the plague.

That plan went to hell fast when, on a nostalgic whim, she decided to drive her old pickup back to Bowie, instead of her BMW.  Bessie gave up the ghost five miles outside of Bowie, and the one person she wanted to avoid became her knight in brown khaki.  Cassie knew right then she was in big trouble.  The reformed bad boy was the Sheriff of Bowie now, and not only was he still hotter than the Texas sun, his anger toward her was too.

Luke Matthews had worked damned hard to change the way people of Bowie thought of him. He was no longer known as the bad boy son of the town’s drunk, they called him Sheriff now. For ten years, Luke had been living on the right side of the law.  Although he was discreet about it, he also played hard to forget about the woman who’d given him the determination to better himself by leaving him ten years prior without a word.  

His strategy had worked perfectly, until he came across a beat up pickup on the side of the road and decided to play good Samaritan.  That charitable act led him to the uncharitable owner of the illegally long legs sticking out from under the hood.  Cassie Bellamy was back in town and the beautiful blonde was just as sassy and stubborn as she always had been.

At first he’s pissed, but then realizes he’s just been presented with the prime opportunity to finally settle his mind and move on.  Luke is determined before he sees her beautiful backside on the way out of town, he will have his answers, even if it takes hog-tying her to get them.


“Crotchety old filly is like a drill sergeant.  Bosses me around something terrible,” he grumbled and forked a piece of scrambled egg into his mouth.  “Kinda like those sponge baths though,” he said around the egg and chuckled.

He would, she thought, and chuckled herself.  “She sounds like just what you need, old man.  Otherwise, you’d be running all over her.”

“You’re one to talk little girl.  That wimpy ex-fiancé of yours still in jail?”

“As far as I know.  Between your trespassing charge and mine for stalking, James will either have to drop the charges against Luke, or spend more time than him in jail.  I’m going to get a restraining order against him, once I get back to Phoen–” she realized what she had been about to say and stopped. 

Her daddy’s eyes narrowed.  There was dead silence between them for a minute or two, then he asked in a low even voice, “So you’re going back?”

Cassie looked down at her hands.  “Yeah, for now.  I’ve got a lot of loose ends to tie up with the business, and I need to really think about where I want to live and what I want to do.  I made a snap decision to stay in Bowie because I was excited about the horse breeding thing…”

“You can still do that.  I have plenty of money, Cassie Bee, more than I could ever spend before I kick the bucket.”

Cassie looked back at him, and emotion clogged her throat.  She cleared it then said, “I know Daddy, but if I do it, I want to do it on my own.  It will mean more that way.  But I’m not sure yet if that’s what I want or not.”  Carl’s eyes misted, and Cassie reassured him, even though she knew it wasn’t going to happen, “I still might do it Daddy, there’s just a lot I need to deal with before I can make a decision.  A lot I need to work out.”

“You tell Luke?”

“No, I didn’t…and I’m not.  He wouldn’t let me go.  The time I’ve spent with him these past few weeks has been great.  I realize I love him, haven’t ever stopped.  But I don’t see things working out between us.  We don’t make each other stronger.”

Carl threw his fork down on the tray and spat, “That’s horseshit, girl. You two were made for each other, and it’s a crying ass shame you can’t see it.  That boy loves you, and he’ll take care of you.  You could do a helluva lot worse than him, that’s for sure.”

“See that’s the thing Daddy—I don’t want him to take care of me. I’ve been taking care of myself for ten years.  And if I stay he’ll try to do that.  All that’s done so far is get him into trouble.  His life was solid until I came back.  Even Cole said so.  I think the best thing I can do for both of us is go back to Phoenix.  For now, anyway.”

“You’ve got some strange notions about love, honey.”  Carl shook his head and picked up his fork again.  Staring down at his plate, he continued, “Your mama was the love of my life, and we argued every day.  It didn’t mean we didn’t love each other.  Love’s hard work…not for the faint of heart.”

Cassie just listened, even though she wanted to argue that she knew it was hard work, and she didn’t mind working hard, as long as she knew the end result would be worth it.  In their case, she and Luke would just wind up hurting each other again.

He stuck his fork into a piece of cantaloupe and waved it at her.  “You’re one of the strongest women I know, Cassie Bee…and you could work it out with Luke, if you’d just stick around and try.”  His eyes pleaded with her to change her mind.

Not happening.  “Since I’ve been back in Bowie, I’ve gotten thrown from a horse, almost raped, broken my ankle and cracked my skull.  My crazy ex stalked me.  And Luke, bless his heart, has tried to save me from it all.  For his trouble, he’s been antagonized by me, risked everything he has to buy a herd of cattle he has no use for, and he’s had to beat the shit out of the cowhand for trying to rape me.  He has been thrown in jail once, almost twice.  Now, he’s arguing with his best friend over me.  I’m just no good for him, and Bowie isn’t good for me.”

That got a chuckle out of her dad, but he sobered quickly.  “None of that has anything to do with the price of tea in China—or love, girl.  If Luke was there for you through all that, and you were there for him, that’s what love is.  Life ain’t easy, you have to take the fleas with the dog.”

“Well, I’m taking my flea circus and heading back to Phoenix for a while, daddy.”

He looked up at her and asked quietly, “Why did you run away after graduation, Cassie Bee?”

Cassie looked down at her hands again.  It was time to finally give her daddy the truth. “Because of Luke,” she said and cleared her throat.  “It know now it was a misunderstanding, but Luke was supposed to meet me at the lake that night.  When he didn’t show up, I went looking for him and found him tangled up with Becca Harvey, and thought he was cheating on me.”

“Did you talk to him before you left?  Ask him about it?”

“No…I was too hurt.”

“So you just got your ass over the dashboard and left him dangling on the limb to head toPhoenix.”

Cassie looked up at him and swallowed hard.  “Yeah, I guess I did.  But he didn’t come after me either.”

“You’re wrong there.  He came over here right after you left that night, looking like he could chew nails.  He grabbed me by the collar and yelled at me trying to get me to tell him where you were. I thought he was gonna cry when I told him you left, but I didn’t know where you were heading.”

Her daddy had never mentioned that to her before, and a wave a guilt surged up to strangle her.  “I didn’t know.”

“So now you’re doing it again.  Leaving him dangling without talking to him and heading off to Phoenix to run away and hide, because you decided that was best.”

Was she doing that?  Repeating history by being a coward and running away instead of confronting Luke?  Her conscience whispered, hell yes you are. “Okay, Daddy you’ve made a point.  I’ll call Luke and talk to him.”

The Trouble With Love (#2, Texas Trouble)

Widowed Phoenix Detective, Sabrina Roberts, is burned out.  She hopes the chance to stand in a friend’s wedding in a small Texas town will give her the break she so desperately needs.  Once there she finds that and a lot more when she meets sexy, but chauvanistic, Sheriff Cole Jackson.

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Double The Trouble (#3, Texas Trouble)

Identical Twin, Professional Rodeo Roper Karlie Upton is on the run from an abusive ex.  She runs to a friends ranch in a small Texas town and the first person she meets is the tall, dark and disgrunted Chief Deputy in the town, Gabe Kelley.

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Looking For Trouble (#4, Texas Trouble)

Aspiring Country Singer, Jess Sparks, hits the lottery from a one-night stand.  Her prize is her daughter Angel.  A gig in a small town brings her face to face with the man who fathered Angel.  If she can get past the fear of losing her precious Angel, can she find love and a father for her with sexy bull rider Wade Roberts?

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Trouble In Dixie (#5, Texas Trouble)

Left high and dry by her roping partner and twin sister, cowgirl Katie Upton hires on at the Rockin’ R horse ranch as a cutting horse trainer.  Her new boss, sexy single-father, Tommy Tucker both tempts and frustrates her.  His daughter Dixie is a little hellion, who needs supervision that he’s not giving her, and is always in trouble. Like someone else she knew.  Her wild ass twin sister.

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Asking For Trouble (#6, Texas Trouble)

Country Fiddler Jazzie Ramos’ life is in upheaval. Her best friend has just gotten married, and her younger brother is in a heap of trouble. She is determined to save him, and finds help from handsome Texas Ranger Beau Bowman.  Beau is determined to help keep her safe, but he’s more determined to stay single.

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Chasing Trouble (#7, Texas Trouble)

Texas Wildcatter Oilman Chase Rhodes never gets the girl.  He is tired of women either wanting friendship or sex from him, but nothing more.  He’s looking for a woman who thinks he’s a keeper, and after meeting her thinks that woman just might be ER Doc Jenny Anderson, and makes her an offer she can’t refuse.

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Here Comes Trouble (#8, Texas Trouble)

After his divorce, attorney Joel Rhodes is into sampling flavors not relationships.  And he’s finished with the law.  He buys a dude ranch and hires flavor number one, nurse Terri Cassidy, to be his medic for the ranch.  It doesn’t take long for him to realize he’s bitten off more than he bargained for by hiring the petite brunette.

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Worth The Trouble (#9, Texas Trouble)

Injured firefighter and spec ops paramedic Ethan Cassidy thinks his life is over when he goes to his sister’s ranch to recouperate from an accident on the job.  He meets country beautiful female ranch hand Roxanne Baker, who insists on helping him recuperate from his injuries, and suddenly he seems to think life might be worth living after all.

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Royal Trouble (#10, Texas Trouble)

Former Miss Texas, beauty queen Leigh Ann Baker knows she has more value than marrying some rich old man.  She leaves her ovrebearing mother to go to her sister Roxanne for help, and meets sexy vet Wes Jepson.  Single father, veterinarian Wes Jepson needs an assistant, but his friend’s sister, prissy Leigh Ann Baker, is a far cry from what he needs.  Not only is she incompetent, she stirs up a hornet’s nest a local ranch known for underhanded dealings.

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Trouble With The Law (#11, Texas Trouble)

Former detective Trace Rooks knows his father was behind sending him to prison.  When he gets out early by making a deal with the feds, Trace is determined to take Senator Rooks down.  After he deals with his father, he plans to take down the other person responsible.  Veronica Winters, the beautiful, but treacherous attorney who represented him during his trial. His plans are delayed though, when he gets thrown in jail again for trying to help a scatter-brained beauty queen before she gets killed in the operation at the ranch.  When Ronnie Winters shows up at the jail offering her help, he wants none of it.  But he can’t resist getting his pound of flesh from her just a little earlier than he anticipated.



want answers, Veronica?” Trace ground out, his eyes hard and dark.  His

arm shot across the table, and she flinched.  He laughed and grabbed

her pen then leaned back and dropped it under the table.  Lowering his

voice, he leaned forward again to growl, “Let me tell you what I want, then you decide if you still want those answers.” He drummed his fingers on the table.


of alarm coursed through Veronica traveling with the excitement already

buzzing along her nerve endings.  Something wasn’t right here.  Trace

Rooks wasn’t right.  Three years in prison had warped him, changed him

into a man she didn’t know.  One who scared her a little.  And that was

saying a lot.  Because men didn’t scare her—ever.  She was the one who

scared them. 


stiffened her shoulders, and her spine to sit up straighter in her

chair.  She was The Shark Lady, the best damned criminal lawyer in

Amarillo, and he better damn well remember who he was talking to.


shoved his chair up under the table, and the sound grated through

her.  He slouched in the chair, and drummed his fingers on the table

again.  “What I want, Red, is for you to get under that table,

and pick up that pen,” he drawled, his eyes glittering with purpose. The

scar on his cheek deepened when his mouth twisted into a travesty of a

smile.  “While you’re under there, I want you to unzip my pants and suck

my dick.  If you do a good enough job of it, I’ll give you your


Ronnie snorted, and leaned back in her chair crossing her arms over her chest.  “Dream on, big boy.”


was out of his mind if he thought she was going to do that.  Her eyes

involuntarily traveled to the camera mounted in the corner.  Not that

the camera mattered, there was no way she was going to do what he wanted

even if there wasn’t a camera.  But the thought of it made her

wet.  The possibility of getting caught, the probability of getting away

with something so daring.


not dreaming,” he said smoothly.  “You’re the one who came here to get

answers from me.  That’s the only way you’re going to get them,

Veronica.  I haven’t had sex in three years because of you.  You owe it

to me.  Bet mine doesn’t taste any different than Leland’s did.”

Three years?

Trace Rooks had only served two years, and had been out of prison for

six months.  Before he went to prison, Trace Rooks didn’t have trouble

finding a willing woman.  She couldn’t believe getting laid wasn’t near

the top of his priority list when he got out of prison.  While she

worked on his case, Veronica knew of at least two women he was with when

he was out of jail pending court hearings.  One of them had even been

in the courtroom, bawling hysterically when he was sentenced.

Either one of those women would probably do just what he asked.  Veronica wasn’t those women.  And she absolutely was not getting under that table to suck Trace Rooks off.


eyes narrowed and a smug smile kicked up the corner of his firm

mouth.  “You asked me back then why Leland wanted me in jail.  What if I

told you?” he asked with a lifted brow.  “Would you suck my dick for

that information? How far would you go, Veronica? Would you swallow when

I come in your mouth too?” Trace sucked a breath in through his teeth

and moved one of his hands under the table.  “God, I’m hard just

thinking about it.”


eyes focused on his mouth.  Firm, full lips that spewed his venom,

issued his dirty challenges.  “Stop being vulgar, Trace.  You’re just

trying to shock me.  Just talk to me.  I’m trying to help you here.”

“Help me, help you.  Isn’t that what you told me when you said I should accept that bogus plea deal, Red?”

“I was trying

to help.  Taking that deal was in your best interest,” she said leaning

back in her chair again.  She glanced under the table and the pen

taunted her.


laughed harshly.  “You helped me right into three years in prison.  Now

I’m going to help you get your answers, right after you give me a blow


She snorted, and lifted a brow.  “Keep screwing with me and I’ll get under that table and bite your dick off,” she threatened.


leaned forward on his elbows, and met her eyes directly.  “You bite me

and when I get out, I’ll tie you up and spank your ass until you beg me

to fuck you.” Trace wasn’t kidding. His dark eyes were focused on her,

and he didn’t blink, not once.  A dull throb started at the apex of her

thighs, and she uncrossed her legs to press her knees together. 


was ridiculous.  Ronnie didn’t like kinky sex, had never had a partner

who was into it either.  Why was she getting so turned on then by his

naughty suggestions?


shook her head to clear it.  This wasn’t getting her anywhere.  She

also realized she wasn’t getting anywhere with Trace Rooks, and

considering his mood, she wasn’t going to.  Veronica scraped her chair

back, then reached down for her briefcase. 


black pen near his foot taunted her again.  He used the toe of his boot

to slowly shove it to one side, then the other, and she felt his gaze

hot on the side of her face.  Back and forth, he moved it, teasing

her.  But he said nothing. 


was no way she could leave that pen there.  It was a very expensive

Mont Blanc.  A pen she had been given by her attorney father when she

graduated from law school.  A memoir of the only time in her life he’d

ever told her he was proud of her.  So what if he’d only said it on the

card that came with the pen, and he was a thousand miles away in

Northern California handling a big case at the time.  He had finally

said it.


it, Red,” Trace urged in a low growl, as he edged the pen with his toe

again.  She dropped to her knees beside her briefcase and crawled under

the table.  She saw Trace’s hand resting on his crotch.  He stroked

himself, and she saw the hard ridge of his large penis outlined under

his jeans.  Her mouth watered, as she contemplated doing what he asked. 


had always been curious what the big draw was with him.  Why women were

always after him.  Policewomen and attorneys alike, even the female

criminals fell prey to his charms.  Hell, she’d even heard he’d done a

judge and a female senator, while he was a detective.  He must be one

hell of a lover is all she could come up with.  Curiosity about him is

what had her so hot and bothered when she was representing him.


unzipped his jeans, and she saw his thick erection straining at the top

of his tight white underwear.  She bit back a groan, as her hand closed

around the ink pen.  His foot landed on top of her hand to trap it. 


know you want to do it, Veronica.  You’ve wanted to do it for

years.  Since you first met me,” he suggested softly.  “Now’s your

chance, Red.  To get your answers and satisfy your curiosity.” His sexy,

tempting voice sent a chill down her spine.

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Borrowing Trouble (#12, Texas Trouble) **NEW RELEASE ON 5/26/14**

Carrie Collins has been trying to hold it together for three years, since her husband Sean was killed in the line of duty during an undercover drug operation gone bad. If that and the mountain of bills she was left with weren’t bad enough, her son becomes mixed up with the wrong crowd at school. Carrie feels like a failure as a mother, and does the only thing she can think of to fix things, she goes back to her parent’s ranch.

Her dead husband’s best friend, the man accused, but later exonerated of, Sean’s murder shows up at the ranch with his new wife and offers her a break from the kids and the craziness of her life. Carrie is reluctant to accept, but he won’t take no for an answer. She goes to the R & R Ranch, but doesn’t find relaxation there. What she finds is a tall, charismatic ex-rodeo cowboy who not only ties her emotions in more knots than his lasso, he wakes up her dormant libido.

Carrie fights the attraction, because the last thing she needs is a man like Dylan Thomas in her life, a tumbleweed kind of guy who tells her in no uncertain terms he isn’t looking for a relationship. She knows her kids deserve better and so does she. Her kids aren’t there though, and the temporary fantasy he represents becomes too much to resist.

Dylan Thomas wants nothing more than to return to competitive bull riding after an almost career-ending injury landed him at the R & R Ranch teaching rich greenhorns to ride bulls. A year and a half of catering to those wealthy snobs has him bored and restless, until a curvy brunette convinces him it might not be so bad to hang around for a little while longer.

Carrie Collins takes hard to get to an olympic-class level though, and it takes everything in Dylan’s bag of tricks to get close to her. When things finally heat up between them, he finds out there are a couple of things she hasn’t told him about. Like the two kids she has who show up at the ranch, and the job she has accepted there.

His temporary fling with the cute ranch guest suddenly gets a lot more complicated and permanent. Especially when former associates of her son turn up at the ranch demanding money she doesn’t have. Dylan knows then he’s borrowed a helluva lot of trouble he didn’t need in his life by getting involved with her, but when the opportunity to leave presents itself, how can he leave her in danger?