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Thank you so much for having me guest on your blog.

I’d like to tell your readers a little bit about the Cynn Cruor Bloodline, my paranormal romance series under with Beau Coup Publishing.

There’s an on-going war between two breeds of immortal warriors who carry human, vampire, and werewolf blood, the Cynn Cruor and the Scatha Cruor.

The Cynn Cruor want to live in harmony with the human race.

The Scatha Cruor want to enslave them.

Rapture at Midnight

Rapture at Midnight is the story of how Finn met Eirene and how he vows to keep her safe when the Cynn Cruors’ nemesis, Dac Valerian has Eirene in his crosshairs.


Finn’s chest constricted with an unfamiliar emotion. The desire to please Eirene and see her happy replaced the need to simply slake his lust. There was a fissure on the wall he had built around his heart, allowing a ray of tenderness for the woman beneath him to shine through. He intensified the kiss and at the same time thrust hard into her. She cried out against his mouth, her breath harsh and staccato like. Finn moved, in and out, swiveling his pelvis against hers. Eirene lifted her hips, her head falling back in ecstasy. She made small sounds every time Finn’s pelvis moved against hers with quick thrusts.

Finn looked down at Eirene’s body, from her breasts and puckered nipples down to her stomach and her trimmed mound. Her entire body was flushed with the aura of intense arousal. He groaned when her channel clamped around his cock. Eirene’s breasts quivered faster and faster as Finn thrust harder and deeper, eliciting deeper moans and cries from her. He leaned over to latch onto Eirene’s exposed neck. He kissed and licked until he gently sucked the skin over her pulse, bringing the vein into sharp relief. He sucked hard without using his fangs.

“Yes!” Eirene turned her head giving him her neck.

The taste of her blood filled Finn’s mind, exploding through his neurons.

Along with her taste came an astounding piece of knowledge.

Eirene was a Cynn Cruor mate.

The question now was whether she was his. His scent needed to be on her when a Cynn Cruor brethren smelled her. It was a scent undetectable by a purely human nose. If he marked her, then whether she accepted it or not, she belonged to him. She was his mate.

The taste of her salty, sweet skin drove him wilder. He knelt on both knees as he covered Eirene’s body with his. Finn held on to her hips, thrusting harder, deeper, and faster. He groaned as his balls tightened, slapping against her backside. Eirene’s cries came in puffs of ecstasy until she screamed her climax. Her weeping sex throbbed and gripped Finn’s manhood in a snug vice, milking him as he went in and out until he growled and finally shouted his release against Eirene’s neck, calling out her name. His seed spurted into her womb, bathing and warming it. His heartbeat pounded inside his ribcage, the warmth of their coupling spreading through him like the fire in a forge. He held himself up over Eirene with both his arms braced beside her head. He was about to withdraw from her when she placed her hands on his hips.

“Please don’t go,” she said softly. “Not yet.”

Finn let his forehead dip against Eirene’s even as she lifted her mouth for a long and sensual kiss. Eirene’s arms crept under his arms and over his back. By the Ancients, he loved the way her hands smoothed over his sweat-slicked skin. He felt her racing heart slowly turn to a semblance of normalcy as his own heartbeat thrummed back to a slower pace.

Forever at Midnight Final

Forever at Midnight, continues where Rapture at Midnight left off. For Roarke Hamilton, burying his mate Deanna five hundred years before almost undid him. Now after the assault on Dac’s club, he can’t believe that she’s alive. Forever at Midnight is Roarke and Deanna’s story, their heartbreak, their coming together, and the danger they have to face to be one again for all eternity.


Soon, Roarke ended the kiss. Deanna gloried at the pleasure she felt when gold flecks materialized against his pupils. She touched the sides of his eyes.

“I missed seeing those,” she whispered before cupping his face. He turned to kiss her palm. She sighed. “If only for tonight, make love to me again, Roarke. Make love to me so I can forget.”

She saw emotion flit through his eyes before it was gone. Her heart was in her throat, afraid he would refuse. Then his head bent down.

He kissed her again, but this time it was soft and tender, even while his hand was wreaking havoc with her body. Her clit throbbed when he rolled her hardened nipples with his thumb and forefinger before palming her globes lovingly. She closed her eyes, giving in to the moment, her breath coming out in moans and gasps. Then her mouth opened in a silent cry, feeling his tongue flick and suck on her breasts again. She lost all coherent thought, holding on to his shoulders. Lust thundered through her, lighting her up like a fireball.

Roarke scooped her up and walked through the French doors and into the warmth of the loft. With her face against his neck, she inhaled deeply before flicking her tongue and sucking on the pulse at the base of his throat.

“Where?” he growled, his desire unsuppressed.

Mutely, Deanna pointed to the stairs which led to her bedroom. Instead of using the stairs, Roarke catapulted them to the open room’s landing with one jump.

There wouldn’t be any recriminations tonight. This moment would be for knowing each other’s bodies again. To make up for all the lost time.

Both Rapture at Midnight and Forever at Midnight are available in Kindle and paperback versions:

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Forever at Midnight Kindle/E-book

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Isobelle is intrigued by forces that simmer beneath the surface of these cultures, the hidden passions, unsaid desires, and yearnings unfulfilled.

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