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Where Love Takes Us – Blurb

“It wasn’t supposed to be like this!” has become the mantra in Jennifer Quinn’s head since her recent divorce. She was too old to be here…to be single. Melancholy and unsure about anything Jennifer takes her long time friend Niki’s advice and gets back to her roots…in Seattle.

Devilishly handsome, arrogant, and cocky Noel Burns is a man of success. He’s also a man of layers and most people can’t get past what he portrays. No one until Jennifer.

The last thing either of these people is looking for is a relationship. Jennifer finds Noel highly irritating (and young!) at his best, while Noel finds her magnetic and wise.

Seemingly unsuitable and unplanned attractions lights a fiery passion this duo never expected.

Will they throw caution to the wind? Will they take a chance on passion?

Where Love Takes Us – Excerpts

#1) “You’re always in a hurry, Ms. Jennifer Quinn.” She heard his English accent boom from behind her as she walked toward her car. “Why is that?”

She spun to face him and almost bumped right into him. Damn, why couldn’t he be some bald, fat guy instead of this hunk standing in front of me? “I didn’t realize I was.”

“Yes, I think you do. Does it perhaps have something to do with me?” There it was again. That tone of arrogance creeping through.

“You wish,” she replied, quickly turning herself back around.

She heard him chuckle. “Could I interest you in lunch?”

“I don’t think so, but thanks for asking.”

“Oh come on, Jennifer. It isn’t like I’m asking you out on a date. It’s only lunch.”

“No, really Noel, I can’t. Not today. I’m going to meet my sister. She’s just in town for the week-end, and I haven’t seen her since I moved back.”

“Very well, a rain check then, for dinner, say this coming Friday evening?”

“That would be fine. Thank you. Call me with details, okay?” She arrived at her car grateful to be able to leave.

Noel opened her door. “Friday, it is. I’ll call you tomorrow. Enjoy your lunch with your sister.”

Jennifer knew he was watching as she drove off, catching his figure in her rearview mirror. Why is he always laughing? Is it me?

#2)  That seemed to strike some kind of chord, as she watched his face darken. Wrong thing to say, Jennifer.

“Well, you were wrong, weren’t you? But then, you really don’t know a thing about what I do, do you?”

“I know what I saw, and what I saw was you and a young woman, alone in your studio. A naked young woman, I might add! What was I supposed to think, Noel?”

“That I was merely working on my latest piece. That, Jennifer, is what you were supposed to think!”

She was unsure whether he was trying to get a rise out of her or make her jealous. Whichever, Jennifer was determined not to let either get the better of her. “I thought I would touch base with Niki today and see if she and Greg have firmed up their flight reservations.”

“And gossip, or whatever it is you women do, about what you thought you walked into yesterday.”

“Yes, you’re right, Noel! That’s exactly what we’ll do—talk about you and your young model-whore. My God!”

As soon as the words left her mouth, Jennifer regretted them. Noel said nothing. Instead, he made a grunting noise, picked up his newspaper, and appeared to read. Jennifer was, however, not going to apologize. He needed to know that she was not happy, especially about his lack of explanations.

“Oh no, you don’t!” she exclaimed. “You’re not going to hide behind your newspapers or your sculpting, or anything else. Not this time.”

Jennifer forced herself up out of the chair. She was furious now. How dare he! She limped over to the small, white writing desk that sat under a window. She had been using this particular desk because it overlooked the Eiffel Tower, and she felt a tremendous surge of inspiration whenever she sat there.

Jennifer had printed out a copy of her latest work. It was her first full-length novel, which she had started months ago in Seattle. Having hit a wall with it, Jennifer had put it down until she arrived in Paris, where her creativity seemed overflow once again. This particular manuscript was one Jennifer was quite proud of, and Noel was going to read it. All of it!

She picked up the sheath of papers, held together only by a huge binder clip, and hobbled back towards Noel, who was now watching her every move. She dropped it in his lap. “You know, you’re not the only artistic one in this house. This is that story I started back home. The one I got stuck on? The one you told me to put aside until we moved here? That living in Paris would renew my creative juices? Well, guess what, Noel? It did!”

“That’s, um, wonderful, Jen. You finished it?”

“Yes, I finished it! It’s not just good, Noel, its damn good. It still has to go to an editor, but it’s finished.”

“Well, good. I’m proud of you, love.”

“Oh no! You’re not getting off that easily. You’re going to read it, all of it.”

“And I will, love. You know I enjoy reading your work.”

“I know you do, but this time you’re going to read it, not just in its finished form, you’re going to read this version. The finished, unedited version, and once it’s been edited and proofed, you’re going to read it again. This time, Noel, you’re going to read every version until it is ready for publication.”

“Jen, I really…”

“No, no excuses Noel. You started this, and now you’re going to see it through.”


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