I like to call myself eccentric. I don’t like trends. If everyone has it, I don’t want it. You will never see me with the latest clothes, the hippest shoes, and I don’t owe an iPad or even a smart phone. Maybe I am just boring or odd but I like things that others often don’t.

I find that true in a lot of aspects of my life. Whereas most people like to vacation in exciting places, I like to find places off the grid. I usually hate the movies that win best picture. I don’t always like the most popular music and I like TV shows that others don’t care for.

True Blood just started again. I recently saw where someone posted on Facebook that women watch it for the three main guys. I don’t, I watch it for Jason Stackhouse played by Ryan Kwanten! He’s adorable and as everyone knows I have a thing for guys named Ryan. That in itself is another quirk.

I don’t usually read bestselling books either. I will never read Fifty Shades of Grey, Harry Potter, or the Lord of the Rings. Not that these are bad books or anything, I’m just not interested. I have fallen for some that where in the loop. Yes I did read the Twilight series but Black Dagger Brotherhood is more my style. I’ll take the brooding tattooed Vishous over those sparkly boys any day. The Hungry Games was good but I was starting to crave antidepressants by the third book. My favorite trilogy was The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. That series got better with every book. I was hooked like a fish while others just didn’t get it. I had friends that said it was too dark, too disturbing, and too erotic. Different strokes for different folks, I say.

Every writer has a different approach to writing as well. Some have rituals such as a special place to write, a certain outfit they wear, a special thing they do to celebrate when they are done, etc. My thing is music. Everything I write needs its own soundtrack. It can be related to the theme of the book or not. I am just finishing up, or trying to, I’m slow, a cougar book that takes place in West Virginia. I have the pair alone in a garage listening to Southern blues, so of course that is what I listened to when I wrote it. I am starting to work on what I have been calling the gangster book. It has to do with some illegal activity that takes place in the late 1920’s and, of course, two lovers that get caught in the crossfire. So of course this book needed some tunes as well.

I didn’t want to listen to big band or the Charlston but I am quite fond of Justin Timberlake’s song Mirrors. Again I have never been on the JT bandwagon but he seems to have grown on me lately. He is awesome as the host on SNL and I think he is a pretty good actor too. I bought the CD the 20/20 Experience thinking I had found the perfect fit for my next book. I didn’t. I like Mirrors, Suit and Tie and a crazy tune called Pusher Love Girl but the rest is not so good. Help!!  I need a soundtrack for my new book, any suggestions?

Anyway, I have been rattling on when I should be working. I will keep searching for the perfect tune and being my eccentric self!!