I have been blessed with having talented and handsome male writers on my blog and I am very excited to add yet another one. This week’s cougar worthy man is Ivan Rusilko!


Dr. Ivan Rusilko is the Medical Director and Co-Founder at Club Essentia Wellness Retreat at Delano, where programs range from wellness and weight loss, to minimally invasive cosmetic procedures and traditional spa treatments, to sexual health, promising a clinical, cutting edge approach for creating a healthier, happier and sexier you. As former D-1 Club hockey player, champion body builder, international male fitness model and former Mr. USA 2008 & 2010 he recognizes the importance that nutrition and fitness play in achieving a desired physique and preventative lifestyle.  Dr. Ivan is also the author of the erotic romance series, The Winemaker’s Feast Trilogy, an erotic project mixing fact and fiction from his own experiences in love and life, and is proud to bring two of his passions, medicine and writing together in hopes that series will help spark an enthusiasm and ignite liberation giving women the power and the courage to reclaim their sensual side and ultimately achieve a better quality of life.

Since I write cougar stories I had to ask Ivan how he felt about dating older women and below are his answers.

Would you ever date a older woman? I love older women! Yes Yes and Yes!!
If you could choose who the older woman would be, who would it be? Mrs. Robison (Anne Bancroft circa 1967) is a personal favorite… sexy, fierce, and powerful.. ay ay ay!
I like the way he thinks, don’t you? 😉  Thanks for stopping in Ivan!!!
Be sure to check out Ivan and his books. You can find them at the following links. I’ve read them, believe me, you will fall in love with them.
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