Today I am welcoming Laci Paige to my blog. I just read her great book titled Silken Edge. I asked her what was involved in the research for the story and here is her reponse. Thanks Laci!!!

Research For The Silken Edge Novels

When I started writing the first of the Silken Edge novels I didn’t plan on BDSM being a part of the stories. I wanted to focus more on the cougar theme in the first book, second book was going to be about an “angsty” couple, and the third a gay couple, and more traditional stories with each book thereafter. But none were to include any kind of kink, just obstacles in the way of romance and eventually a HEA/HFN ending.

So what happened?

I’d been reading various BDSM stories and enjoyed the heck out of them. The thought of people living and/or playing like that intrigued me, and I wanted to know more. First thing I did was familiarize myself with the acronyms and lingo of the lifestyle. From there I read articles, personal blogs, and joined groups. Each thing I read led to more questions. Being curious I dove into research on the different categories and types of play; Physical and/or mental to the different degrees of light, heavy, or edge play. I read up on the types of bondage furniture and implements used during scenes.

I didn’t stop there; the safety and consent were paramount for me in understanding why? Why do people play like this and/or live like this? Then it became apparent that everyone who plays this way wants to, or they wouldn’t be there. Except the posers, but they show up in every aspect of life so it’s to be expected. But in the end SSC is key in the community. SSC = Safe, Sane, Consensual. And the use of safewords also allowed me to be more open minded to the idea of such a lifestyle.

Next, I wanted to know where these people played. I found that people who like to play outside of their homes go to private play parties or clubs. Yes, there are real clubs you can visit. Most have strict rules, and some are “play at your own risk”. There’s quite the variety out there. Hey, there’s even a Harvard College BDSM club, and they’re not the only ones, a handful of colleges across the nation have BDSM organizations.

I have yet to visit a club, but I’d like to one day. I found out there’s a monthly munch just ten miles from my house! They also have demos and instruction at the same place. Sure I’d be embarrassed to attend, but the thing that holds me back is that I might know someone there. I’m not worried about what they’d think of me being there, but I’d never be able to look at those people in the eye again. I’d be having visuals of them. So perhaps when I’m on vacation far away from anyone I might know, I’ll have to check one out.

Moving on from parties and clubs I researched etiquette, relationships and roles, prejudices, and currently I’m reading up on the psychology of it. It’s all very fascinating. And yes, I know you can’t believe everything you read on the internet, but I research the topics in a number of places. If I read it on five different sites and it’s pretty much on target between the five, I’m gonna guess it’s close to the truth.

I’ve learned so many things from all of this research. I can’t possibly list it all, but I know that no two people have the same kink, or the same tolerance, and that bottoms/submissives are truly the stronger of the partnerships. And lastly, in the top/bottom dynamic there needs to be trust above all else.

After reading up on the topic with such interest, my characters were screaming at me that they wanted to play. So I eased into it with Jake and Kristy in The Silken Edge, and in the untitled book I’m currently writing, my characters are a little more into the kink than the first story, and it’s not as light.

*As a general disclaimer I’d like to say that any type of BDSM play needs to be investigated by both parties before jumping in. There are many things that need to be addressed to ensure this type of play is SSC. The best thing would be to research, learn, and observe before partaking.


What is your new book about?

My current WIP is the next Silken Edge novel. This one is centered on a couple we were introduced to in the first book, Jonathan and Roxi. The two of them have known each other since they were children. They were best buds and eventually boyfriend/girlfriend in their teens, and then lovers as adults. They became interested in the BDSM scene and that’s where things went wrong, they both loved the lifestyle, but they each had different needs. And what Roxi needed scared her so much she left town for a year. Upon returning she decided to steer clear of Jonathan but with their past it’s not possible.

And that’s all I’m saying for now. I don’t have a title yet, and I hope to release it in about two months or so.

Where do you come up with the ideas for your stories and the character names?

The story ideas come from anywhere and everywhere. The Silken Edge popped into my head while working out in a gym. I was using the hip adductor machine and had very naughty thoughts, that’s when my muse kicked in. I had that story bouncing around in my head for a year before I wrote it.

As far as naming my characters, well, I have to “see” them in my mind first, and I name them based on looks, or sometimes it’s based on their personality and/or characteristics. Occasionally in the past I’ve used baby name books.


Do you have a favorite author that has inspired you?

I don’t know that any one particular author inspires me. I have so many I enjoy reading. I just love books in general, I love to be transported to another place and become someone else and if a book can do that for me, then I’m a fan!

I owe my start in writing to Stephenie Meyer though; it was “the” headboard scene in Breaking Dawn when Edward was banging Bella that kicked my muse into gear.

I have to ask the cougar question. Is there a younger guy you would love to go on a dream date with?

I don’t know how much of an age difference were talking here, but Jessie Pavelka is 12 yrs my junior and I would LOVE to go on a date with him!

Great choice!!!  Thanks for answering all my questions and I loved your book!! Here is an excerpt from Laci’s book and be sure to check out her links below.



The Silken Edge, by Laci Paige
BDSM(light)/May-December/EroticRomance – Heat Level 4

After her longtime boyfriend dumps her, Kristy craves a change in her life. Her best friend, Sherry, is into the BDSM scene, and on a whim and a bet, Kristy finds herself in the playroom at an exclusive club. A disguised Dom named Master Jay uses sensation play and a piece of silk to help her discover the world of kink. She finds it enjoyable and addictive, but what she doesn’t know is that Master Jay is really Jake, a much younger man to whom she’s strongly attracted.

For the past couple of years, Jake quietly watched Kristy in his gym. He doesn’t care that she’s older than him; he wants her. When the virgin BDSM sub he’s hired to train ends up being Kristy, Jake almost falls apart. During the scene they play at the club, he fantasizes about getting her into restraints in his own playroom. But Kristy is shocked when she learns that the two men she desires are one and the same. Can Kristy who’s led a vanilla sex life, and Jake, who knows nothing but kink, find a future together?


Kristy jumped at the sound of Steven’s bedroom door slamming shut, and she took a deep relaxing breath.

“Are you frightened?” Sherry’s green eyes were wide peeking out from her auburn bangs.

“No. That was fuckin’ hot.” She fanned herself with her hand. “I’ve never seen that side of him before. So in charge. So demanding.” Her insides clenched in need. Must be the wine.

Sherry narrowed her eyes at her long time friend, and then they popped open. “I knew it. You’re submissive!”

“Oh, cut it with that crap. I don’t want to hear any more about how you and your Dom are forever happy with your arrangement. It’s too weird for me.” She averted her gaze and focused on her wine glass, swirling the liquid around inside. “Nice collar by the way.”

She looked up just in time to see Sherry flinch at the mention and reach up and stroke the petite choker around her neck. “H-how did you know?”

“I’m not stupid. When you and Dan got serious in all this BDSM crap, I went online and read about the lifestyle. So that’s how I know it’s not for me.” She offered her friend a warm smile. “But if you’re happy, then I’m happy for the both of you.”

Sherry reached out and hugged her. “Thank you. I’m glad. Your blessing means everything to me.”

“He’s a good man for you or I wouldn’t have stood up for you at your wedding.”

Sherry tapped her fingers against her choker. “I’m sorry I forgot I was wearing it when I rushed out with you. You know this lifestyle is only for the bedroom, and the club, right? That’s our arrangement, and we’re both content with it. Aside from being his submissive during those times, I’m in charge of everyday life.”

She shook her head. “I know, but let’s stop talking about this before I get too many visuals of you in ropes, nipple clamps, and butt plugs.” She clenched her eyes tight and faked a shiver.

“Okay, moving on…So how about the gym?” Sherry asked, with a glint in her eye.

“What about it? I’ll be going every night after work to avoid Steven.” Kristy didn’t like where the conversation was heading.

“And for no other reason?” Sherry waggled her eyebrows.

“Oh come on. Jake’s a baby. I could be his mother.”


To purchase this title go to Amazon:  http://www.amazon.com/The-Silken-Edge-Series-ebook/dp/B00ANG0812/  or over at Smashwords for other formats: https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/298717

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