I am talking to one of my favorite photographers this week Molly Marie. In addition to portrait photography she also does boudoir. You are probably wondering why am I interviewing a boudoir photographer on a writer’s blog – well photos tell a story but without words. I’m sure I am not the only one that has ever fantasied about being the cover model on a romance novel. The models always look beautiful, sexy, and have that look that no man can resist. Well not many of us are lucky enough to grace a cover with Jimmy Thomas but with boudoir photography you can be the cover model of your own story. So here are a few of the questions I had for Molly and I love the before and after photos!


How did you get into doing boudoir photography? I have been taking photos for as long as I can remember with any type of camera I could find around my house.  Polaroid, cheap-o point and shoot, film, etc.  It was really in high school when I signed up for my first photography class and got my first “real” film camera that I began to fall in love with photography.  The first few classes I ever took were in the darkroom and I was hooked!  I then began assisting for a couple photographers in high school to get my foot in the door and took photo classes at several schools. Although I started out in wedding photography I transitioned into boudoir photographer quite quickly. Many of my brides were requesting these types of shoots and I grew to LOVE them. and I’ve now officially had my business going on 6 years.
What has been the response? The response has been huge. Who wouldn’t want to boost their confidence, get pampered with hair/makeup and spend the day feeling like a supermodel?
What type of woman schedules a session (age, size, marital status, etc)? To be honest, ANY woman. The majority of my clients are between 30-60 years of age. However, it truly is for any woman, any size, any status, etc.
Is it a confidence booster? Yes, so much! 🙂 Most women tell me when they arrive they are super nervous. I just reassure them to relax and enjoy the process of the hair/makeup styling. During that time we chit chat about girly things (which is super fun!). All the while I’m doing test shots so she can get used of the idea of a camera being present. I make sure to tell her that I will take care of all the posing and make sure she looks her best in ever single frame. Once we begin all of my clients say the same thing “wow, this is actually REALLY fun!” Haha! I think a lot of women at first dread having their photos taken. Once they’re able to experience this with a pro photographer it changes everything. The best part for me though, is showing her the finished product. I just can NOT wait to show her how I see her: beautiful, radiant, confident. We’re all so hard on ourselves and we don’t need to be! Every time I show a woman her photographers she can’t believe it’s her! Again, we are all to hard on ourselves in the mirror. This really is you. You TRULY are beautiful. My other favorite part…watching her skip with confidence out of the studio.
What types of outfits do you suggest women bring? I tell my clients to bring their 3 favorite outfits they’d like to be photographed in. If that happens to be lingerie then that’s great. If it’s a dress or jeans/t-shirt that’s great too! I have a pinterest board with outfit suggestions for my clients as well if they’re really struggling.
Thanks so much for being here today Molly!!  I am a huge fan of your work!

— XOXO MOLLY MARIE KEYSER [Owner of Molly Marie Photography]
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