I am welcoming Jocelyn Bell to my blog today. I have been a huge fan since I first read her book Dare Me last year. I thought it was so original and so intriguing. I read it in one sitting and couldn’t stop thinking about it. Thanks Jocelyn for telling us your story and why you write.


Why I Write Romance

First, I would like to thank Miss Ginger for having me on here today. The truth of being an indie is that readers and bloggers are our backbone and without the support of both it’s very hard to sell books. So, I appreciate those who reach out and take a chance on a new author, who recommend them to a friend and write reviews on book sites. It’s a blessing to have support in this industry, so I thank you in advance for reading this blog and checking out my Voyeur Series of sultry novellas.
There are people that I meet who visibly cringe when I say I write romance novels. Usually they will say, “You mean like Fabio romances?” with a tone that insinuates they are not impressed. To which I reply, “Well no, not exactly, but they are a love story and yes they contain sex.” I suppose what they are visualizing is a book with a half-naked man and a woman being ravaged on the cover. What If… my current release does not resemble this, however I certainly won’t be ruling it out as a possible choice. I’m not scared of a little ravaging, after all.
I write romances and while I don’t let my son, who is ten, or my Dad, read every page of my books I sure want everyone else too. So, to those who ask why am I wasting my time and brain writing trivial romance novels, I say why wouldn’t I?
Love is the best part of life. Falling in love can be better than being in love, in some instances. It’s all pretty amazing though. Why wouldn’t I want to write about meeting someone new, trying to navigate dates and moving in and then marriage at some point? Of course, there are break-ups and divorce in the mix, but that is just a part of life and it all leads to another chance to find and fall in love. Love leads to kids, families, and bonds that last forever. These are all the good things in life, aren’t they? I write about the heart of life, love. How awesome is that!?
Then, of course, there is the romance factor. Everyone wants to be wooed, even men. Sure, it’s not sustainable all of the time, in most relationships. However, in books, it can happen over and over. In books, men bring flowers, even when they aren’t in trouble.  In books women are sometimes damsels in distress and sometimes strong-willed and stubborn, but men are patient and kind and they hardly ever disappoint. So, when our husbands or boyfriends are in a romantic lull or we are single for a bit; what is better than a romance novel to remind us why we put up with their stinky feet, their inability to locate the hamper or a local flower shop, on a regular basis!!
I write my books, because I want to write about hope, love, romance, and finding that person (or persons if you are into some of the more risqué romance  ) who makes every day better. It’s not only entertaining, but also uplifting to read about love. It’s something you can never get enough of or give enough of, so YES I write smutty and hot (under the name Jocelyn Bell); sexy and romantic, sweet and funny, contemporary and eventually historical ROMANCE NOVELS! Heck, if I had a rooftop I’d shout it for ya!


Moreover, Romance readers I love you for supporting writers, for buying books, and writing reviews on Amazon or Barnes & Noble or telling a friend about the great book they have to buy. Thank you for not being afraid to fly your freak flag from tame to insane amongst the genre. I love romance and I know you all do too!
Thanks for stopping in today and reading my rant, lol! If you are interested in reading my current Contemporary Adult Series, Voyeur Series Book One Dare Me, or Book Two Want Me…they are currently for sale in ebook and paperback versions on Amazon.
I also love connecting with readers so please feel free to connect with me via one of the links below and let’s chat. All the best and thanks again for stopping in today, it’s been a pleasure!
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Author BIO:
I am a shy writer of contemporary fiction transformed into a steamy writer of sensual fiction. A native of California, which also implies that I am a lover of surf, sand, and sun. It’s pretty much true that all California girls do, stereotypes start somewhere! LOL Ok, ok I do adore the beach, but to be honest I hate the sand.  This is just the beginning of the many contradictions that make up all of me!

I hope to inspire people to fantasize and step out of their shell. Maybe even to try something new and exciting, maybe something that they read in one of my books. I DARE YOU!

Thank you for your interest and I hope you enjoy my imagination!