It’s Valentine’s week so I am picking one of my favorite men for Cougar Worthy Man of the week, the very handsome Ryan O’Leary. Ryan is a hazel eyed, 33 year old writer from Toronto, Canada. His Facebook page is one of my favorite places to hang out after a long, hard day. His posts and comments always make me smile, and/or blush, whichever the case may be. He joined forces with Sable Hunter on one of my favorite books, Forget Me Never and they are currently working together on a new series. I CANNOT wait to read the first book which will be titled Thunderbird. Ryan loves sports and can usually be found on a hockey rink in the winter and a soccer field in the summer. When I first started featuring a weekly cougar man on my blog I got teased about having a thing for men from Canada named Ryan. I’m not sure if I do but I do know that Ryan would be at the top of that list. 