Today my guest is Jamallah Bergman. Jamallah, how did you get started in writing?
Well I can say that I’ve always been writing but as far as what got me started to become a publisher writer was when I met my good friend Mike Arsuaga. Mike (who is also a writer and also writes with his wife Cynthia) I met him off a website for writers who helped critique their stories and also submit stories about certain things. Well one evening I told him about my 1st book “If Only You Knew” and how much I had been trying to get it published with a publisher. How much I had been going through hell trying to get someone to look at it and such. Well he told me that the publisher that he publishes for, which is Secret Cravings Publishing, was always looking for new submissions and I should go and check it out. Well I went and looked into it and sent it along with a synopsis and a couple of weeks later, I got a letter saying that they accepted my story. Then once it came out, people started loving it and my dream as a writer had finally happened.

How many books have you written and where can readers purchase them?
Well as of now I have five books already published with another one being out in March called “The Admission”
You can go and purchase any of my books on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, ARE, Secret Cravings Publishing and Bookstrand. Just put in my name Jamallah Bergman and you will find all of my books!

Can you tell us more about your latest book?
My latest book “The Biker Next Door” is my 5th book that is out. I have to say that this one is one of my favs because of the fact of how both Brad and Hailey are always at each other’s throats in the beginning of the book. I found myself laughing hard while writing it at times and if you read it, you’ll know what I mean. The sex scenes are hot as well as genuine especially one in particular that I won’t say what actually happens but it’s hilarious the outcome.

I love your covers, I think they are among my favorites. Do you have input on designing them?
Well I have Dawne Dominique for that. She’s an amazing cover artist and does all the work on all of the covers for Secret Cravings Publishing. When you sign a contract, they give you a questionnaire for the cover art and they ask you specific questions about each character for the book and the settings and etc. So I do give input as far as what I want on my covers. I do get plenty of praise for my covers and they tell me how hot and realistic my covers look which is great because when people look at my covers, I want them to have a feel for what my story is going to be about. Also I’ve have the honor to have Jimmy Thomas grace my last 3 covers (he’s been a big inspiration towards my stories I must say) and I plan on having him on plenty more in the future.

I write cougar book so I always ask my guests – is there a younger man that you would love to go on a dream date with if you could?
Oh my….well….hmmm…lemme see here….a younger man huh……well I have to say Joe Manganiello from True Blood. I honestly haven’t seen the show (because I don’t have HBO) but man he is soooooooo handsome and so tall (I love a tall man cause I’m a tall gal myself) but I would love to go out on a date with him because he seems like he’s so much fun and he has a great sense of humor too.

Joe is a great choice! Where can readers find out more information about you and where to get your books?
My website:
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My Twitter: @silentbutloud1
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Thanks so much for joining me on my blog today and I will definitely be checking out your great books!!!